Adult sports: TOP 3 fitness pros you should know

Adult sports became second nature. We are not surprised when we see in the gym people who are already 40-50-60 y.o. So, It’s never too late to be sporty!

For example, statistics from International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) suggest that fitness clubs’ visitors 55+ are the fastest-growing demographic group. But when we’re getting older, we should take note that our age directly affects our physical activity. Sports for adults definitely have a lot of benefits. But there’re also nuances that make us pay attention to our health.

Adult man athlete
Adult sports became second nature. So, It’s never too late to be sporty!

Sports for adults in a few words:

Now let’s take a closer look at workout pros for middle-aged athletes.

Adult sports and physical activity prolongs your life

Nobody will argue that workout and training make you strong, increase endurance, improve mood, enhance libido and potency. Yeah, boys, consider it!. But all these facts are obvious and public. 

At the same time, many of us don’t know that adult sports help to prolong our life.

And this is not fiction, it’s a proven fact. Let’s turn to the research from JAMA Network magazine. This is not the fence sign, but a serious specialized journal of the American Medical Association.

Mentioned research is quite long and probably it will be boring for you to read it from cover to cover. Therefore, I will voice its main essence. Men and women between the age of 40-61 who devote physical activity at least seven hours a week reduce their risk of death from any cause by about 35%. This once again confirms the proverb that movement is life. So, if you want to live to a ripe old age, pick up your lazy ass and go to the gym!

Even in adulthood you can build the body of your dream

Many people think that after 30-35 y.o. it’s impossible to change yourself. They come up with a lot of excuses. Such as bad genetics, thinness or vice versa being overweight, family, important work, and a million more. I also was a prisoner of my destructive habits. I thought that my terrible body will be chasing me for the rest of my life. But I could overcome prejudices and achieve results. And there are thousands of such examples.

Look at the man in the photo below. Can you believe that he is 66 years old? But that’s exactly it. And I know him personally. This is proof that despite your age, you can remain in great physical form, which even young people can envy.

Adult athlete 66 years
This man is 66 years old. And no, this is not a joke. Adult sports rules! Photo taken form Instagram @ageisanumber2

In addition, when we decide to bring sports into our life in manhood, we have one huge advantage. We are more focused. And we are unlikely to give up training if will be following fairly simple rules and be patient on the way to the goal.

You won’t be able to train like young athletes. But you don’t need it

The older we get – the harder it is to gain impressive results in sports. These are objective reasons implicated by the aging of the body. Among them are withering of the hormonal system, wearing of joints and ligaments etс. 

Are overachievements so important if we talk about adult sports? After all, our task is not to win the Olympics

Although that would be also very cool. Our top-priority tasks are to keep physical activity, maintain health and ensure an active old age

Therefore, the training goals for a 20-year-old boy and a man aged 35-40 will be very different. Honestly, the youngster often trains his «ego». Because they got many ambitions. But they don’t have the necessary experience. An adult athlete approaches training meaningfully, carefully. At the same time he can also demonstrate impressive progress.

Do you still doubt that sport can bring a lot of benefits at any age? Let’s talk about it in comments!