From alcoholic to athlete: how I changed my body and lifestyle

I wanna tell you my little story about how I got into fitness and became an athlete by the age of 40.

Until the summer of 2015, every evening was following the same scenario. During supper, I was drinking about 100 grams of whiskey. Then I was taking several bottles of beer from the fridge and savoring them until late at night. In other words, I was degrading and falling into alcohol abuse. Herewith there were no physical exertion in my daily regimen or any other kind of activity. 

One evening after a shower I looked into the mirror in my bathroom and was horrified. I saw the jelly-belly man with a puffy face, red eyes, and absolutely no muscle. Though I was only 33 y.o. at that time. 

So, I realized that I need to change something. Or I will fall to the bottom once and for all.

A step away from to be an athlete or how I fell in love with physical exertion

The next day I gathered up all alcohol in my house and chucked it out to the landfill. That was the starting point of my way to a new existence. 

Secondly, I began to explore the rules of healthy eating and made a completely new menu for myself. 

Thirdly, I paid for a membership in the gym, packed my rucksack, and stomped off to the first workout in my life.

I will lie to you, my friend, if I would say that it was easy. No! It was damn hard to change in one moment the habitual essence. Give up alcohol, junk food, and everything that was fettering me for many years.

But after time, training, sobriety, and a clean meal began to please me. I was feeling stronger, enduring, and happy as a sand-boy. 

Besides, I was very pleased to see how my body is changing. It strongly motivated me not to relinquish workouts and avoid my old bad habits.

Athlete body transformation
My weight in 2022 is the same as in 2011 – about 160 lbs. But the quality of my body, fat percentage, and muscle mass really changed

So, what is it like to be an athlete?

  • Three times a week I devote to a strength workout and calisthenics, and also two times to running
  • I follow the regime – enough sleep, no alcohol, wholesome food
  • I try to be constantly on the move. Lying on the couch is the most boring and ugly pastime in the world! 
  • I improve my knowledge about sport and fitness and dive deeper into a healthy lifestyle.

All these things give me incredible pleasure. And when I remember myself years ago, I convince myself again and again that I made the right choice and turned the right way when I became an athlete.

Physical exertion is a blessing and a path to longevity!

Of course, somebody could say, that my progress isn’t impressive. Might be tougher. I will not argue. My example of transformation is just one in a million. But there is one important detail. I’m not a professional athlete. I’m just a guy from the next door and besides with mediocre genetics. 

Athlete body shape
This is my actual form at the time this post was published

And if I could change myself, you will be able too. Is not it so? Let’s talk in comments!