Athlete and sportsman: what’s the difference?

Are you sure that an athlete and a sportsman are just the same? In fact, there is a huge difference. Of course, you can give a wave of the hand and not read this post. Because you think that you are not interested in such nuances. But do not rush to jump to conclusions. After all, what you choose – the path of an athlete or a sportsman – will greatly affect your workouts, your progress, and your results. So, let us get all this straightened out!

Who is an athlete?

This is a person who devotes a lot of time to physical activity and exercises regularly. At that, he doesn’t set himself only one goal. For example, build big muscles or run a marathon. The athlete comprehensively polishes his body. He can work with heavy weights, engage in calisthenics, pay attention to cardio, and develop cast-iron physique. Also, athleticism falls short of the rush toward super-achievements. Many athletes have the satisfaction with the training process and don’t get fixated on the results.

Who is a sportsman?

Sportsman chooses a concrete goal. He works out above all in behalf of results. For example, a bodybuilder wants to make the perfect body, a runner wants to break a world record, and a crossfitter dreams to win an endurance race. It is the specialization and focus on a particular sport that distinguishes a sportsman from an athlete. Of course, advanced and professional sporters also try to be all-round man. But at the same time, their training system is built suchwise as to go step by step towards the central aim, sometimes even at the cost of their health.

What you need to know if you have chosen the path of an athlete

Key benefits

  • You don’t have to train hard to failure. You can exercise just for fun and keep yourself fit.
  • You can train variously. Work out with weights, work in a callisthenic manner, put the focus on cardio, etc.
  • You’re on the right to break down your regimen, eat junk food from time to time, or take a training breather.
  • You don’t have to torture yourself in pursuit of records. Athleticism is for pleasure and health.

Major cons

  • Most likely you won’t become a champion in some kind of sport. Not because you’re luckless. It’s just that the athlete’s training system is not geared on overachievement.
  • It will be difficult to make your workouts more varied. Because athletes mainly combine different training schemes and they work out in a variety of ways.
  • Outwardly, you can look like an ordinary guy in good physical shape. And not everyone will believe that you devote a lot of time to workouts and healthy nutrition.
Athlete athleticism
Athletes often take pride in training process and don’t get fixated on the results

What are the nuances if you decided to grow as a sportsman

Key pros

  • You have a chance to become a real record-breaker, get awards, titles, and honoring. Who if not you?
  • You can turn pro in the sport of your choice, and pass on your experience and knowledge to others.
  • Real sportsmen live in a tough regime. This way of living tempers willpower helps to get rid of bad habits and changes the worldview in principle.

Important gaps

  • The sport of strong gains is always aligned with injuries. It’s unavoidable. Therefore, the thirst for records can harm your health very much.
  • The sportsman becomes a hostage to his own victories. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult for him to change his specialization and move in another direction.
  • The regime imposes many restrictions on a sportsman. Any weakness, even a burger was eaten or a beer was drunk, can cross out all the results. Athleticism doesn’t limit your lifestyle as much.
Sportsman athleticism
Sportsman works out above all in behalf of records

Thus, let’s summarize the difference between an athlete and a sportsman

If you want to be strong, sturdy, and healthy, have a muscled lean body at any age, but you do not have a goal to conquer Olympus – athleticism is your choice. But if you go crazy over some kind of sport and strive for world records, you will have a long and difficult path as a sportsman. And that’s cool! Go ahead with your dream! But always remember that big results can seriously harm your health.