Worthy cardio exercises if you don’t like running

Did you know that cardio exercises aren’t just limited to running or cycling? There are other alternatives that will help you strengthen your heart-vascular system, increase endurance, and speed up your workout progress. No, I’m not saying running or exercycle is bad. But in fact, you can get much more benefits than “classic” cardio workouts give you. In other words, with a proper selection of exercises, you can train not only sustaining power but also strength and coordination. 

Therefore, I invite you to talk about three different cardio exercises that should be definitely included in your training program

Rowing machine workout

I’ve already written in-depth about the benefits of rowing machine workout. You can read about it here. But still, I will run past thoughts on this point. A rowing machine is available in almost any gym. It’s easy to master. And if you have ever driven a rowboat, you won’t have any difficulties at all. Most of all, the rowing machine provides a perfect combination of cardio and strength training. The rowing involves up to 90% of the muscles in your body and also doesn’t harm the joints. Unlike running with its impact loading. At the same time, rowing helps to get rid of excess fat. You can burn up to 350-400 kcal in half an hour. I think this is a powerful argument for those who want to maintain a ripped body shape.

Rowing machine
The rowing machine provides a perfect combination of cardio workouts and strength training

Rope jumping workout

Do you still think that rope jumping is for schoolgirls with pigtails? You are utterly wrong. For example, skip rope is an integral part of training for boxers and footballers. Why is she so good? The point is that jumping rope is not just cardio. This is a training of coordination, endurance, and leg strength. What is more, as compared with running, 10 minutes of rope jumping will give the same effect as a 30-minute jog. And you can train anywhere. At the gym, on the playground, or at home. Оn top of all, the skipping rope costs a penny. I strongly advise you to spare no expense, lay out some 4-5 dollars, and surely master rope jumping.

Jumping rope
Rope jumping is a training of coordination, endurance and leg strength

Circuit workout

The main principle of circuit workout is quite simple. You combine several exercises into one set and perform them one after the other without a rest or with minimal breaks within 10-15 seconds to catch your breath. The number of exercises depends on your general physical conditioning, how tired you are, and just your mood. I usually insert a block of 3-4 exercises at the end of a workout. And they are all different. For example, it could be 8 pull-ups, 10 dips, 10 barbell squats, and 10 toes to bar. Totally, I carry on 4-6 such circles, which are equivalent to 16-24 sets. Such a circuit workout inside the main training perfectly replaces boring cardio workouts and tests your willpower. Try it, you’ll love it!

Circuit workout
A circuit workout inside the main training perfectly replaces cardio

So, let’s sum it up, which cardio exercises to choose

You can take the easy route and run, ride a bike, or spin the pedals of an exercycle at the gym. Especially if you like it. But on the other hand, you already know that there are alternatives. Such as rowing machine, rope jumping, or circuit workout. They will not only provide a similar level of workload on your cardiovascular system but will add variety to your workout sessions.