Best exercises to stay fit at any age

Answer me one simple question: what are the best exercises to keep fit at any age? I’m sure there will be many different versions.

Some people think that running or swimming is the best choice, or prefer a classic workout in the gym, with dumbbells and a barbell. There are also lots of mixed-training followers. Such athletes claim that any workout is good for a decent physical shape.

But what if I told you that not all of us need hefty muscle loading? Of course, as an athlete with more than 8 years of training experience, I cannot imagine my life without regular and hard workouts. But not everyone dreams of big muscles or six-pack abs. Minimal physical activity is enough for many people to avoid feeling weak and washy. It is for them that I’ve selected universal and effective exercises that can be performed regularly and even without special equipment.

In my opinion, these are the best exercises to stay fit all year round at any age


I think that pull-ups are the most universal exercise regardless of age. Also, pull-ups are the core of every calisthenics workout. Almost the whole body is working during pull-ups, from the arms and back to the abs and legs. Therefore, you have to master pull-ups if you want to keep your body fit. 

The huge bonus of pull-ups is that they can be done anywhere. Not only in the gym but also on the sports ground or at home. You can easily hang the pull-up bar in the room on the wall, and pure dead brilliant home gym will always be at arm’s end!

Pull-ups exercise
Pull-ups are the core of every calisthenics workout


Push-ups without a doubt should be in your workout. This is a great way to train your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Push-ups will improve your posture, flexibility and will strengthen your lower back. Besides that, it’s much easier to master push-ups than pull-ups or dips. But the most important thing is that push-ups require minimum equipment. More precisely, you don’t need any equipment at all to master this exercise. Only level surface and your body.

Push-ups exercise
If you want to be an all-rounded athlete, you should do push-ups regularly


Strong legs are not only an element of the balanced development of your body, strong legs are also health and longevity. And this is not my imagination; experts talk about the importance of leg training. Therefore, do squats. You don’t have to put the barbell on the shoulders at any rate. Just squat with your body weight. Of course, you won’t build up your leg muscles like a bodybuilder. But you don’t need that. Squats are the basis of the lower body workout. This exercise allows one to train legs all-up, from quads to hamstrings and glutes. So, you should include squats in your training program for sure! 

Problems with my loin don’t let me squat with a heavy barbell. But I do squats regularly in any case

AB workout

Many of us are ab workout haters. Most often, the arguments against sound like this: « I can’t be bothered», «I’m too tired at the end of the workout», or «Why do I need these six-pack abs at all»? I suggest you to train your abs not for the 6 pack, but in the name of health. Solid core muscles (not only abs) mean a strong lower back, nice body posture and faster progress in other exercises. How exactly to train abs is your choice. Solid core muscles (not only abs) mean a strong lower back, nice body posture and faster progress in other exercises. How exactly to train abs is your choice. I recommend toes to bar or l-sit. But in the beginning, do at least something to make your core stronger!

isometric exercises l-sit
I’m not a champion, but I can hold the l-sit for 40-45 seconds

So, why do I think these are the best exercises for everyone to stay fit?

These exercises are the simplest and most effective at the same time. The movements in pull-ups, push-ups, and squats are natural, as they correspond to human biomechanics. You train with your body weight, and the risk of injury is almost equal to zero (with the correct technique, of course). But what is more, you will have a good physique at any age!