Best sports supplements that really work

Sports supplements can be useful. Surprised? Of course, you may remember my harsh post where I explained why most sports nutrition and sports supplements are a waste of money. Nonetheless you can add some sports foods in your menu. They will make your diet more varied, increase the effectiveness of your workout and accelerate your progress. Again, I will not argue that these sports supplements are right up your alley. Empirically I advise only those additives that I use by myself and which can be useful.

This is my list of sports supplements that could be appropriate for you

Whey protein

First of all, I recommend whey protein. This is one of my favorite sports supplements. I’ve been drinking shakes based on this protein for 6 about years. They are perfectly digested and provide my muscles with amino acids. In addition, whey protein costs reasonable money. About 20-25 dollars per 1 kg. I drink about 40 grams of protein per glass of milk, and also add cocoa or a banana. I consider this is one of the best sports drinks that has a complete amino acid profile. Yes, if you’re allergic to lactose, you should probably look into other protein sources. It can be egg protein or beef protein. At the same time, you should avoid soy protein. Its low price can be tempting. But soy protein is worse in quality than whey or albumin. My stomach, for example, does not take it well. In addition, there are researches that show the undermining of soy protein on thyroid function and the hormonal system.

whey protein
Whey protein is one of my favorite sports supplements


What does a pre-workout do? It supplies your body with amino acids and ingredients that give you energy during your workout and help you to recover. Despite the abundance of various pre-workout complexes, their composition is very similar. This is a set of amino acids with the addition of energy boosters (caffeine, guarana, green tea), plus sometimes creatine, vitamins, and microelements. I can say that pre-workouts are worth their money. My gym days become more effective and «fun». But I don’t recommend to misuse of such sports supplements. You can get used to pre-workout and you won’t be able to exercise without it. In addition, I try to choose complexes that have a minimum of energetical components like caffeine. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to fall asleep later, and an overabundance of some elements can harm my heart.

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid. It energizes the body and helps to store adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Thus, creatine helps to increase strength, stamina and speeds up muscle growth. Basically, creatine can be sourced from food. Its need for athletes is 3-5 grams per day. This amount is found in approximately 200 grams of red meat. But nothing stops you from taking creatine as a supplement. The best sort is creatine monohydrate. It is a white and almost tasteless powder. It can be mixed with water, juice, or added to your protein shake. Creatine is safe and has no downsides. But it is better to drink it in courses of 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, addiction may occur. Though, I don’t take creatine monohydrate separately latterly. I eat a lot of meat and use amino acid complexes that contain creatine. But the effectiveness of this sports supplement is really not a myth.

creatine monohydrate
Creatine helps to increase strength, stamina and speeds up muscle growth


What is beta-alanine? This is one of the non-essential amino acids. But unlike creatine, it’s hard to get critical mass from the daily menu. However, beta-alanine can bring considerable benefits to athletes. I personally felt the workability of this amino acid. The main advantage is that beta-alanine increases sustaining power during a workout. It’s really true. The effect of beta-alanine is especially good in a time of intensive and circuit training. With that, beta-alanine must be accumulated in the body. In other words, unlike pre-workout complexes that act immediately, beta-alanine shows its worth after ingestion for 10-14 days. Moreover, you need to drink it even on non-training days. Keep that in mind!

Basically, these are all the best sports supplements you can take

Again, this is just my subjective opinion. I talked only about those sports supplements that I use myself. And yes, I will not tire of repeating that the basis of your progress in training and of your lifestyle generally is healthy eating, preferably it’s a low-carb diet. Everything else is secondary. Do you agree with me? Write your opinion in the comments!