Full body workout vs split training: what I chose

Full body workout vs split training? The agony of choosing between these training methods is as old as the question: calisthenics vs bodybuilding. I was working out on split training for several years, and since 2020 I have completely switched to a full body workout. Therefore, I have sufficient experience and can share my opinion about each of these training systems.

As a refresher, any workout regimen and training program is a very individual thing. And if one system suits you, this is not to say that it will suit another athlete.

However, I hope it will be easier for you to make up your mind, – full body workout vs split training, – after this post

First of all, let us get all this straightened out what’s the difference between full body and split

  • The split system means that the athlete during each workout focuses on a specific muscle group. For example, on the chest and triceps, or back and triceps. This technique as usual is used by bodybuilders who need to pump each muscle group as intensively as possible.
Split training
Split training is usually used by bodybuilders who need to pump each muscle group
  • The full body system, as the name implies, makes it possible to train all muscle groups in one gym visit. This lead-up is favorable for beginner athletes, as well as for athletes who compile their training program mainly from basic exercises.
Full body workout
Full body workout is good for athletes who generally prefer basic exercises

What conclusions did I draw after 4 years of split training?

  • This is a great training system if you want to build muscle
  • You can work out at least every day, and have time for recovery
  • You have a wide variety of exercises and sports equipment
  • The necessary load for the lagging muscle groups is guaranteed

Why did I switch to full body workouts 3 years ago?

The main reason is my choice in favor of calisthenics and street lifting, which are fundamentally different from bodybuilding. In other words, I stopped pumping muscles and began to train my body, its strength, and its functionality.

I saw sensible results from basic exercises and therefore abandoned isolation drilling. As a result, my workouts have become more complex and volume, with the load allocation on all major muscle groups.

There are lots of endurance loads in my workouts. I like to combine several exercises into one set. For example, pull-ups with the additional weight, dips, and squats in a weighted vest. Such combinations perfectly train my whole body. They are much more powerful than any split system.

Athlete body shape
Full body workouts let me fortify my physical shape, build strength and endurance

What is my final opinion on full body workout vs split training?

I believe that if you want to not just build your muscle, but also be a strong, sturdy, and complete athlete, a full body workout is a great choice. If you are looking for results like a bodybuilder, split training is definitely for you.

In general, you should try both training systems, and then it will be very easy for you to choose the best one!

So, don’t be afraid to try different training methods. It helps you to gain experience and to progress.

Do you agree with me? Let’s discuss it in the comments!