Bad habits that move off my fitness goals

I have habits that prevent me achieve my fitness goals. Because I’m not a professional athlete, I’m just an ordinary person. Yes, I’ve got a long-present regime of life, nutrition, and training. I am extremely negative about alcohol and other types of addiction that kill our health. At the same time, I don’t want to limit myself in everything I can.

Because I don’t live to train. I train to live!

Wrong way road sign
Bad habits can negatively affect your progress and move off fitness goals

That’s why sometimes I allow food weaknesses and do not always follow the canonical rules in training. Although I understand that this negatively affects my workout progress. And so I decided to tell you about these shortcomings. I hope my little revelation will benefit someone.

So, what are the bad habits that prevent me from reaching fitness goals?

Wrong sleeping regime

The main rule of healthy sleep is: «Go to a bed today, wake up tomorrow». But I violate this rule all the time. I fall asleep at 3 am, sometimes later. I understand that it has a bad effect on my hormonal system. But I love the night. And I love working at night. Thus and so I go to bed around morning. However, I try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This is the rule I never break.

Coffee addiction isn’t good for fitness goals

I love coffee, I adore it. I drink at least two or even three cups per day. On one side, consumption of 3 to 5 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of several chronic diseases. On the other hand, the researchers proved that equivalent of around three or more cups of coffee every day makes it harder to measure up fitness goals. But I don’t aspire to set world records. So I’m not ready yet to throw to the winds my favorite drink. All the same, I understand that this is one of the bad habits that clog my workout progress.

My day starts with coffee
I love coffee, and I drink at least two or even three cups per day

Monotonous diet

I’m very pragmatic about food. I think that nutrition is only fuel for my body and muscles. Although I love to cook, my diet as simple as it’s possible. Low carbs, high protein foods, and lots of vegetables. Why I think this is a disadvantage. Firstly, as in training, there should be periodization in nutrition. It is important. Secondly, a monotonous diet can get boring. At the same time, I’m not trying to build big muscles like I used to. Therefore, this eating routine is fine by me and I even like it.

Constant hard training postpones your fitness goals

My workout mostly is a strength drill. Almost every training I do muscle-ups or pull-ups with additional weight. And so week after week, month after month. Just because I love to feel my muscles groan from hard work. But there is a problem with this. If you don’t give the body enough rest, your workout progress slows down. This means that you need to do light training at least once a week. Or even replace the workout with stretching. But I neglect it.

Every training I do muscle-ups or pull-ups with additional weight

Isolation exercises ignoring

Basic exercises are the best way to build an athletic body and achieve fitness goals. I cannot stress it enough. For that reason, I gave up isolation exercises a long time ago. Any barbell curls or triceps extensions. I find them meaningless. But! If you are an experienced athlete and your period of training is more than 5 years, isolation exercises can help you. They will stress lagging muscle groups, deblock your training progress and draw near your fitness goals. However, as far as I do calisthenics, not bodybuilding, I have enough loads without isolation.