My principles of healthy eating for muscle growth

Healthy eating is always a reason for discussions. Especially when we talk about proper nutrition for athletes and people over 35-40 years who are hew to an active way of life. 

I’m not a nutritionist. But as in all other cases, everything I tell you about in my blog is not a theory, it’s based solely on my experience.

I have tested many systems of proper nutrition. For almost three years I was trying to gain my body mass by eating as much food as possible. Due to my unsophistication, I believed that I will be as big as professional bodybuilders, and without steroids, ha-ha! After that, I went from one extreme to the other, and for several months I almost completely cut out carbs. At this time, I didn’t control how much protein I ate. I lost my weight and my muscles with it. It was a bitter disappointment!

And only three years ago I got wise to the optimal principle of nutrition for muscle growth and health. I want to share it with you and talk about how my diet is built now.

My proper nutrition for muscle growth and healthy eating ideology is built on three pillars

  1. Eat only when you want
  2. Eat less carbs
  3. Change your nutrition on and off

First principle: Eat only when you want and don’t eat to excess

When I was dreaming about big muscles, I ate 5-6 times a day. But it didn’t make sense. I already wrote about it in my post dedicated to my biggest workout mistakes. Don’t forget to read it. There is no more overeating in my life. I eat about three times a day. The most important thing: I don’t eat because I have to, but because I’m hungry. And you know, although my diet was reduced by one and a half or even to two times, it had a positive effect on my body composition. I liquidated blubber and added muscle mass. Don’t you believe me? Look at the photo below. 

healthy eating body form
There is no more overeating in my life. I don’t eat because I have to, but because I’m hungry

Second principle: Don’t overdo with carbs

Like many other athletes, I used to think that nutrition for muscle growth needs to be full of carbs. For real, It’s all rubbage. Only after I minimized the number of carbs, increased the portion of protein to half of my diet, and raised healthful fats, I soaked in all the benefits of my new proper nutrition scheme (see diagram). 

My healthy eating matrix during the last 3 years 

healthy eating matrix
My scheme of proper nutrition for muscle growth is very simple: lower carbs, more protein and healthy fat

What did the diet reload gave me?

  • Firstly, I got a shredded body. My fat percentage is stably about 10-12%. 
  • Secondly, I reduced the risks of insulin resistance. No more sugar “swings”!
  • Thirdly, I easily control my hunger and I don’t need snacks that negatively affect my metabolism and cause damage to the gastrointestinal system.

At the same time, I little by little add a muscle mass. Once again: I’m talking about muscles, not about body weight. It’s a big difference. 

By the way, my body mass index (BMI) now is 21.8. This is one of the best results for my age and proportions: 39 y.o., 6 feet in height, and 161 pounds weight. And this is another proof that my healthy eating matrix is workable!

Third principle: Eat varied and change your diet from time to time

I won’t be compiling here eating plans and inserting colorful recipes. This is not the topic of this article. I will be brief: healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and tiring. It could be delicious and various. Do you need protein? Don’t eat only chicken breast, try fried eggs, fish, and milk products. Are you tired of spaghetti? Try brown rice, сouscous, or asparagus. Most importantly, there should be variability in nutrition, as in training. Your progress and muscle growth also depend on it.

What are your healthy eating principles, friends? Let’s discuss it in the comments!