How to build muscle fast for an adult athlete?

I know what is the question eating you: how to build muscle fast? At the beginning of your training path, you want your reflection in the mirror to change as quickly as possible. And it’s normal. I was the same. Every day I was waking up with the same thoughts: “How to get an athletic body faster?”. I expected that it will take me about 3-6 months to change myself. 

You should be patient. Unfortunately, nobody got a magic pill that can transform your body in a moment. Of course, if you train naturally without pharmacology. 

And if you ask me again: “How to build muscle fast?”, I will answer you: “Anyhow!”

But hold your horses, don’t close this post! I’ll explain to you how the transformation of an athlete goes on, and how to get a muscled body in less time. 

You will go through three stages on the way to a muscled body

Let’s imagine that you’ve never been in sports. So, you start your workout trip from the “zero mark”. Along with that, you don’t just pull the barbell in the gym, but completely rebuild your lifestyle.

How to get an athletic body
This is what I looked like before I started training

First changes in your body will be noticeable in 3-6 months

Your muscles became stronger, your skin is more elastic and you locally burnt part of your blubber.

After 1.5-2 years of training you will get an athletic stature

Your torso took a notable V-silhouette, you can count the “cubes” on your stomach and it’s not shameful to show off your rippling muscles on the beach. And people around will look enviously at you and think about how to get an athletic body as yours. 

If you train 3-5 years and more, you’ll never be the same again

No, it’s not a jokeExperienced athletes who train for 7-10-15 years or more achieve step changes in their body composition. Their muscles have a special depth, and veins are visible (with a low percentage of fat). Beyond that, if you stopped to train for a while, you’ll quickly return to your previous form after the workout resumes.

How to build muscle fast
My current body form. I have been working on it for over 6 years. And although I still don’t know how to build muscle fast, but I know how to speed up this process

How to get an athletic body and how to speed up this process?

Training is a lifetime process. You can build your muscle throughout your whole life. But if you started training in adulthood, you are not likely to increase your muscle mass by more than 1-1,5 per year. Of course, the value may differ. But on average they are in this range. Moreover, the older you are, the slower this process is. Please note that I am talking about muscle gain, not about the weight of the whole body.

However, you can still affect muscle growth if you are 35-40 y.o. and older:

1. train stoically and without breaks

2. focus on simple basic exercises

3. also, don’t eliminate cardio from your workout

3. reload your diet, eat fewer carbs and more protein

4. don’t forget about rest and get enough sleep

5. control your hormones and health grounds

In fact, these rules are very simple. But not everyone follows them. After all simple things help your progress much more than you think.

So, how to build muscle fast and how to get an athletic body?

Now you know the answer: train regularly, eat right, sleep in plenty and be ready for hard constant work over the years!