How to start body training and not give up workouts?

No doubt that physical training is highly addictive hobbie.

But often the hobby first brings pleasure, and over time it becomes boring. All people are the same. Nobody likes monotony. Body training, unlike photography or cooking, directly affects our health. Therefore, it is very important to make workout and physical activity a way of our life. It’s like brushing teeth or taking a shower.

Training barbell sketch

I’ll be honest. If for some reason I have to retime or cancel my workout (I got sick, for example), I feel very uncomfortable and ill mentally. The body begs for exercises, and whines without them. I understand that this is fanaticism and sounds strange. But this proves that sport has deeply penetrated into my brain, became a reflex. I am like a trained dog that will follow any command for a piece of meat.

But it’s all poetry. Now let’s get to practice. How to strike up a friendship with body training for many years?

Set a goal for yourself and form your training ambitions

Any, no matter what, even if it sounds strange or stupid to others. Who cares, it’s your life!

  • Want big muscles? Fine. This is it.
  • Want a butt like J. Lo got (I’m talking to girls now)? Cool, keep it up!
  • Do you want to set a pull-up record? Go ahead!

The main thing – this is your goal and for the sake of this goal, you are ready to wind up mountains. 

For example, in 2020 I decided to learn how to master muscle-ups. I was suffering for six months and couldn’t hit my goal. But I was falling asleep imagining how I make these fucking muscle-ups and was waking up in the morning with the same thoughts. And finally, I did it! Now I do 7-8 clean muscle-ups and increase my level day to day. Why? Because I’ve got a goal, I stubbornly was walking towards it and achieved what I wanted. Moreover, this small progress motivates me to go for new results.

Muscle ups training
I was trying to conquer muscle-ups for about six months. Now this is my favorite exercise

Let workout become your addiction and routine (in the good sense of this word!)

Psychologists say that it needs 21 days habit to be formed. I don’t believe it. I know people who gave up training after three months, after six months, and after a year or two. Often this happens because we train occasionally. I’ll go to the gym today, but I won’t go tomorrow, next time I’ll go in three days, and then probably in a week.

Don’t act like this!

  • Sport must be a system.
  • Practice twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Practice three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whichever is more convenient for you.

The main thing is that workout needs to be regular and preferably at the same time of the day. Only under this condition, the body will form the dog’s reflex, and your brain will be kicking your lazy ass into the gym.

Make your body training variable

Monotony kills desire. Remember this! If you constantly do the same set of exercises, you will quickly get tired of it. And the body will stop responding to loads. Spit in the face of those who are trying to sell you workout programs with a column of exercises that you have to do like a stupid donkey. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

Change, experiment, fantasize! Let each workout be different from the previous one. Yes, there should be a system (I will tell you more about it another time). But there must be slight chaos in this system. Then you will not be bored, you will want to constantly try something new and you will not stop.

If you’re absolutely “green” in workout and don’t know how to train or how to build your training program, just open Google or YouTube and start searching. For example, I was following for a long time the tips of such an athlete as Jeff Cavalier. Highly recommended!

So what’s the main conclusion for beginner athletes who start body training?

Sport is a drug. This is true. But if you want to develop sport dependence, you must clearly understand what you are training for. Workout must become your habit. On the other hand, sport shouldn’t be a monotonous time killer. 

Only under this condition, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and you will never give up training. Tell me in comments how you keep your love for sport through the years.