How to start running if you hate running?

How to start running? Just a year ago, I could not even imagine that I would ask myself such a question. All because I hated running all my life. Even on schooldays, a kilometer cross was for me the worst hard sell. 

But for nigh on six months I have been running regularly two, and sometimes three times a week 6-10 km total. To be honest, I started running precisely because I needed to dilute my workouts. In addition, running was a kind of obstacle for me. And I wanted to prove to myself that I could handle it. I did it. Now I run not only because it’s important for health, especially in adulthood. I’m really obsessed with it.

So I decided to tell you how to start running

I will not dip into the theoretical side of running. Firstly, I don’t have enough experience yet. Secondly, so much has already been written about this.

I’ll just give you some advice on how to start running, which can be used as a beginner running plan

1. Think of running as a way to diversify your workouts

You already know that monotony kills motivation. If you don’t know this, read this post. So, running is a great way to variegate your workouts and avoid burnout from draggy training. In addition, you’ll speed up your progress due to the alternation of anaerobic and aerobic loads. Don’t either forget that running boosts metabolism, prevents fat growth, improves your endurance, and builds up health.

2. Increase the length of the run gradually

Don’t hunt records! If you try to hit the 10 km milestone on your first run, you’ll get wheeze, side pain, and impaired mood. The body needs to dig into running like any other exercise. And it has to happen step by step. This is how I got used to running. For the first two weeks, I ran about 500 meters. Then I increased the distance to 1 km. A couple of weeks later I started running 1,5 km. So, within several months I increased the distance to 3 km. Today I run 3-5 km on average. Of course, this is just my example. But it may be a part of a beginner running plan. Why not?

I was as happy as a kid when I hit my first 3km distance!

3. Run different routes so you don’t get bored

Perhaps I will say now a terrible thing for someone. But I think treadmill running is bullshit. You are in a closed room. You have a wall in front of your eyes or someone’s sweaty body that is pulling the barbell. Get outside, choose a route and run. Fresh air does marvels. Moreover, you can run at any season and in any weather. Most importantly, do not forget to shift the route so that the landscape around you is constantly changing. And trust me, you will never get back on the indoor track.

4. Run to your favorite music

Music is a part of my life. That’s why before starting a workout in the gym or running, I put my headphones in my ears and turn on my favorite track. And you know, music works. It helps me to abstract from people around and concentrate only on the training. Of course, listening to birdsong is also not the worst thing. But try running with music. I’m sure you’ll like it!

5. Set goals and achieve them. It motivates! 

Running for the sake of running is a road to nowhere. If you don’t have a goal, you will quickly give up running. Therefore, a beginner running plan must contain an element of progression. This does not mean that you have to run a marathon no matter what. Let your goals be more modest but real. For example, increase the distance of one run from 3 to 5 km. Or improve the time in which you run 2 km. There can be many such targets. The main thing is that they will encourage you to run regularly and push you forward.

6. Run on non-gym days. In order not to overwork

Don’t try to do everything in one day. Perform a 100 kg bench press, squat 150 kilograms, and run 5 km. Again, you will quickly burn out and get overtrained. Save running for the days when you don’t work at the gym. Firstly, this is a wonderful variability of your loads (read above it, point 1). Secondly, physical activity changing is also a way of rest and muscle recovery. Read about it here.

Running for me is a great kind of active rest

In sum, how to start running?

Try running as a way to variegate your workouts. This will be the best start to a beginner running plan. Don’t rush to increase distance and loads. Running should bring pleasure, not exhaust you. And always remember that movement is life. Running is an integral part of this movement!