What to do if you have lost motivation to workout?

Imagine that you woke up in the morning and realized that you’ve lost motivation to workout. Human isn’t a machine. And even favorite amusement can get boring for us. But it’s one thing if the appetite to train disappears for a short time. And it’s completely different when you don’t want to return to the gym at all.

I will tell you what to do if you’ve lost motivation to workout, and how quickly to return to your groove

Take training pause for 2-3 days

I have said time and again about the recovery. The older you get, the more important it is to get enough rest between workouts. If you’ve lost motivation to workout, perhaps you just get tired and overexercised. After all, sport loads not only the muscles but also the nervous system. Therefore, there is likely that you need to take a few days, and maybe even a couple of weeks of complete relaxation. A little rustiness will help your body fully recover and your workout motivation will return.

Change your training program

I already wrote that monotony kills desire and enthusiasm. Even if you are doing what you love, after a while you will get tired of it. That is why training should be varied. Of course, basic fundamentals, such as bench press or pull-ups, are essential elements of your workout. But you can always try new exercises, drop sets, super sets, combos, and so on. By the way, if you’ll increase the amount of cardio in your workouts, it also wouldn’t go amiss. Believe me, such experiments will not only save you from boredom but also help your progress. 

Revise your regime and prolong your sleeping time

In one of my posts, I explained why the regime and especially sleeping time affect your well-being and morals. Therefore, often the lack of sleep leads to a foul mood, weakness, and you just want to lie on the couch and stare straight before one. Yes, you may just be sick. But before swallowing the pills, make sure that you sleep enough. If your bedtime is less than 7 hours if you often wake up and suffer from insomnia, conceivably that this is what kills your workout motivation.

sleeping baby
The lack of sleep can be a reason for your lost motivation to workout

Add more vitamins and minerals to your diet

It’s very difficult to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from food. Even if your diet is as clean and balanced as possible. Especially the lack of vitamins proves itself out in autumn and winter when we eat fewer fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, add a multivitamin & mineral complex to your diet. I take vitamin supplements every fall and winter. They help me get the most nutrients, not get sick and keep up my workout motivation.

Buy a new set of sportswear and sports shoes

Even such a trifle as buying sports clothes can lift your spirits when you’ve lost motivation to workout. Go shopping, choose comfortable sports shoes, buy new tights and shorts, and find a t-shirt that will fit your muscles like a ball of wax. I am sure that when you’ll fresh up your personal appearance, you will wish to get to the gym as soon as possible. At least, wardrobe renewal affects me exactly this way.

Look at your photo before you started a body training

Do you remember how difficult it was to get it over and done with your “old” life? Do you remember your first athletic feats and your emotions when you saw your body transformation? And now thine own self be true and answer: are you ready to bury all your efforts and give up? If even after that you still have doubts, just take your “before” photo and see how drastically you have changed. I’m sure this will be the best motivation to workout!

lost motivation to worokout
This photo always chirks me up, and motivates me to train even harder