My 5 biggest workout mistakes. Don’t do them!

I’ve got 7 years of training experience and during all these years workout mistakes haunt me. Basically, it’s not a disaster. Because our faults make us stronger, smarter, and more purposeful. At the same time, if it is possible to avoid stones on the way to the goal, why not do it?

Gym workout mistakes
Workout mistakes not only slow down our progress but also can harm our health

After all, we shouldn’t forget that gym mistakes not only slow down our progress but also can harm our health. And we definitely don’t need this.

Also, I want to say that I am not the ultimate truth. Of course not! But all the years I study a lot of theories about training, about the regime, about nutrition. And I test almost every theory for myself. So I’m sure my experience is valuable.

Well, what are the 5 biggest workout mistakes of mine?

Catch and save them as a useful lesson for the future!

Mistake #1. Too much workout and not enough rest

If I’m into something I do it fanatically. Most importantly, I don’t train only for the sake of muscle gain. Training and physical activity are important parts of my life. But a passion for training played a cruel joke on me. I tried to train 6 and even 7 times a week. Day to day, every day. Eventually, my progress in body transformation stopped. I couldn’t understand what’s happened. And only after time I did realize that too much workout isn’t a good thing. My muscles didn’t have time to recover and therefore they did not grow. What did I get done? I reduced the loads and began to train more meaningfully. Yes, I keep training 5 times a week, but my workouts have become varied. And, lo and behold, the process moved forward!

Mistake #2. Eat more, more and more for muscle growth!

I was dreaming about a big muscled body. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay, almost like him. To achieve this, I was trying to gain weight. As much weight as possible. I ate 5-6 times a day. I ate a lot. And even though I tried to avoid sugar and junk food, I gained mostly fat. I didn’t see muscle gain. So I looked like a puffy giraffe. It was horrible. As a result, about four years ago I gave up this idea and dropped the extra 7 kilograms. Do you know, now I am satisfied with my body. Yes, I don’t look like a huge bodybuilder and will never be one of them. But on the other hand, I have relief muscles, the cubed abs and I don’t feel like a pie with legs.

Mistake #3. Hey, relief abs, where are you?

Among my worst workout mistakes was that I avoided abs exercises for almost five years. I thought they are boring and useless. «I don’t need relief abs, I need big muscles!», — these were my thoughts. At one wonderful moment, I got a lower back injury. One of the reasons was my weak core. After that incident I train my abs regularly, doing 6-8 sets every gym workout. And it not only visually made my body more attractive. My posture has improved and my lower back problems have almost disappeared.

Mistake #4. From running hater to running lover

I hated to run. All my life since school. I was a weak and very sickly child. That’s why PE lessons were my sheer nightmares. First of all, it was about running. Thus, I was trying to avoid running and cardio under any pretext. But at the beginning of 2022nd something clicked in my head and I decided to add cardio to my workout. Nowadays I regret that I didn’t do it earlier. I will tell you details about the benefits of running in another post. But aerobic exercises should be part of your training. It’s not even discussed. Especially if your age approaching 40 y.o. or even you’re older.

Man runs in the desert
Cardio ignoring is also among big workout mistakes. Aerobic exercises should be part of your training.
Especially if your age approaching 40 y.o.

Mistake #5. In search of the magic protein pill for muscle gain

When I started training like any newbie I wanted to find a magic supplement that will fuel up my muscle growth. Proteins, amino acids, creatine, pre-workout complexes, and even different herbal mixes. What I haven’t tried. Only after a bit of time I got a sense that most of the supplements are superficial, marketing. Of course, some of them are workable and sometimes you should apply them. But only if you stick to proper nutrition. Otherwise, this is a waste of money. And many supplements won’t help your muscle gain.

Let’s sum up. What are the workout mistakes you should avoid?

Too much load, too much food, ignoring abs exercises, skipping cardio, and high hopes for supplements.

What are your thoughts about workout mistakes? Let’s talk about it in the comments!