My 7 years of sobriety: some thoughts about it

As you know, more than 7 years ago I started my path into a new life with athleticism and sobriety. Yes, you got it right, since 2015 I don’t drink alcohol. The most I can do is a sip of wine for my mom’s birthday. Some friends ask me why I don’t drink. The answer is very simple: not because I have to limit myself to drinking, but just because I don’t want to.

Sobriety sober living

In addition, after I realized all the advantages of sober living, drinking looks like something superfluous and meaningless.

Actually, I do not want to preach to you because the topic of alcohol is very sensitive. I’m just going to share some reflections on what sobriety gives me personally. Very briefly, without conclusions and moralizing. Perhaps this will help someone make their choice in favor of sober living.

So what are the benefits of sobriety I have personally experienced?

  • My health has improved a lot, both physically and mentally
  • I am strong and active, I have excellent persistence and no metabolic problems
  • I always keep a clear mind and can make quick decisions without drinking
  • It’s easier to overcome stress than before when I grabbed a bottle for any reason
  • I don’t need to get drunk to have fun and get positive emotions
  • My family doesn’t have to see me screwed up anymore and be tolerant of my spree
  • My life has become more colorful, I have new interests and hobbies
  • I stopped degrading as a person and I have the desire to grow intellectually

I want to say again that I do not take on the role of a preacher or a teacher. But if you’re unsure whether to choose sobriety, just think about the benefits you’ll get from sober living. Then you will make the right decision much easier!

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I gave up alcohol drinking for 7 years ago changed it to sobriety and sports