Why you should start new year with a fit life

The new year has come and it’s time for your new fit life. Probably, someone will say that it doesn’t matter at all when to start your journey to an athletic and healthy body. You can do it on January 1st, or June 15th, any Monday or Friday. The main thing is less talk, more action!

At the same time, each of us needs some starting point for making an important decision. Especially if this decision radically changes the way of our life. For example, I completely gave up alcohol after my 33rd birthday. And then I started my sportlife path.

Therefore, it is no more than fitting that many people see some symbolism at the beginning of each year.

Why should you start a fit life right now? Let’s look at the pro arguments

You’ll widely improve your physical shape, become stronger and more athletic

I think it will not be a revelation for anyone if I say that one of the main advantages of a fit life is body transformation. Moreover, if you have never practiced sports and avoided physical loads before, your figure changes will be very noticeable and even somewhat unexpected. Insofar as now is the peak of holidays and weekends with a wealth of not healthy food, the beginning of the year is the very chance to radically improve your shape, become strong and athletic.

You’ll get rid of seasonal sores such as cold and various SARS

We get sick more often in winter. It’s a fact. Cold weather befriends viruses’ reproduction, and the human immune system grows weak. Eventually, we catch the flu or a cold. However, scientists have proven that sports and physical activity help to reduce the risk of seasonal diseases. Thus, if you have problems with immunity, you shouldn’t go into overdrive to the doctors and swallow pills. Just start a sportlife. And you will notice how much sturdier you have become.

You’ll have time to transform your body cognizably by the summer

Each of us wants to impress with our athletic body and big biceps in the summer. But many people think about only in April or May that they need to work on the figure. Sadly, it’s too late. Two months is very little time to achieve big changes. By contrast, if you start a fit life right now in January-February, you will have enough time to make progress in training, and to fight against blubber. And then in the summer, it will not be a shame to undress on the beach.

You’ll be able to gain muscle mass, as it is easier to do in winter

Many bodybuilders try to bulk up in the fall and winter. In the spring, they begin to burn fat to get the desired definition. Why does it happen that way? Metabolism slows down slightly in winter and it is easier to pile on pounds. In addition, our body requires more calories to survive the cold, and it can take in more food. So, now is an appreciated moment not only to come into the sportlife, but also to grow up your muscles.

Athlete fit life
When I was into bodybuilding, I tried to gain as much muscle mass as possible in winter

You’ll steep the workout routine and continue to work out outdoors when spring comes

Far from everybody wants to visit the gym. Many people prefer to exercise outdoors. As an example – Joseph Synagoga. He trains in the Central Park of New York all year round. But in winter it is difficult to drive yourself to the sports ground when it is snowing, raining or just there is biting frost. Especially when you are a beginner in the fit life. That’s why, while it’s cold outside, you have enough time to delve into the training routine in the gym. And when it turns warm, it will be much easier for you to switch to the park or the forest training.

Now you understand why the top of the year is the best moment for your fit life 

You will have ample time to dive into training regimen and get yourself in shape for summer. You can also avoid seasonal diseases and strengthen your immune system.

Go ahead, fit life is waiting for you!