Body transformation and workout progress secret formula

There is an opinion that body transformation success depends only on the training. Many people think that it’s enough to throw a barbell in the gym three times a week or run four times a week in the park for constant workout progress. But this is a delusion, a kind of trap. And getting into such a trap, many people give up sport, because they do not see the changes. No, this does not mean that you will not become stronger, more enduring and you will not grow muscles.

But the mere sport won’t give you the results you can really achieve and will not reveal your full potential. Indeed, our potential is truly huge.

Gym equipment
You should make no mistake! The body transformation depends not only on training

You need three secret ingredients for breathtaking body transformation

Moment of truth! Ready?

Here is the secret formula for your change and workout progress:


What’s this? I’ll explain.

Firstly, 50% of success are truly sport and physical activity

Remember till lifetime: your result doesn’t depend 100% on training. Even if you kill yourself in the gym every day to the whole body shivering.

Secondly, 30% is how and what you eat

Your body is like the engine of a supercar. And the better fuel you fill it with, the more “horses” this engine will give you. Healthy food is muscle-building material. In addition, proper nutrition improves a person’s mental alertness. It’s also very important both for training and everyday life.

But if you’re used to throwing shit inside your body, why are you surprised that you look like shit. No offense, okay?

Look at the photo. There is a two-year difference between the left and right side. I was dreaming about relief abs, but I also I was trying to gain mass. And until I adjusted my diet in 2019th I didn’t see “cubes” on my stomach.

Athlete body relief abs
I spent about two years to achieve a ribbed abs via proper nutrition

Thirdly, another 20% is your regime

And this is your rest and your lifestyle in general. No rest – no recovery – no result. If you train hard, then go to a nightclub and rock out until the morning and don’t sleep, it will kill your gym progress. If you have a nervous job, have an idiot boss, and are constantly stressed, it will also kill your gains.

Once again, remember the “gold” body transformation and workout progress formula:

  • 50% – sport and physical activity
  • 30% – healthy food and proper nutrition
  • 20% – rest and recovery.

Tada! We summarize and get 100% success of your body transformation.

Everything is simple, at first glance

But it is very difficult to follow these principles. I know it by myself, believe me. If you’ll forget at least one of the bricks in the foundation on which you wanna build your body, your health and longevity will crumble. But, do we want to achieve the goal? Of course, we do! So, we will learn how to train effectively, eat wholesome food, and how to revive.

Join to the discussion in comments and tell me about your secret body transformation formula.