Workout gear to make your training sessions efficient

Many athletes do not pay much attention to workout gear. They believe that real sportsmen can do without comfortable clothes, quality shoes, and even almost without gym equipment. One barbell and a pair of dumbbells are enough. But I believe that the conditions in which we train directly affect our progress. And the surrounding atmosphere, whether it is a gym or a playground, should not spoil our mood. 

Sport shoes workout gear

Therefore, I decided to share my thoughts on what workout gear you can use to make your workouts more varied and uplifting

Sensible clothes and sports shoes

Buy yourself several sets of sportswear and shoes. Of course, you can train in old faded shorts and trodden-down sneakers. I used to do aince just that. But over time, I realized that it is preferable to work out in a polyester T-shirt that wicks away my sweat, and in tights that fit firmly on the legs and give a compression effect. As for shoes, they should be as comfortable as possible and be aligned with your workouts kind. If you run a lot, do it in light running shoes. If you’re into bodybuilding, choose footwear that is suitable for exercises such as barbell squats or deadlift.

Needful sports equipment for some exercises

Perennial training experience taught me that it’s necessary always have the minimum set of sports equipment that may be needed at any time. Of course, you will not drag dumbbells or a barbell to the gym. This is absurd. But some little things, like resistance bands, a jumping rope, or lifting chalk, are definitely worth taking. First, these are the things that you are used to. Secondly, there is a risk that you won’t find the necessary accessories in the gym. Because of this, your workout will be tainted.

Workout gear
You should always have the minimum set of sports equipment that may be needed at any time

Wireless headphones for your favorite music

If you love exercising with your favorite music, it is best to do this with wireless headphones. They don’t cost too much. You can buy quite worthy of quality and sound TWS headphones for $ 30-35 dollars. This is a small price to pay for completely getting rid of wires that can get tangled just when you least need them. One day I tore the wired headphones and turned them into garbage during one of the exercises. Don’t repeat my mistake!

Bottle of water for the entire workout

The more active your workout, the more you want to drink. And it’s okay. The human body during exercises spends a lot of fluid. The best way to make good its deficit is to drink plenty of water. Therefore, you should always have a bottle of water when you’re in the gym. And let it be a bottle of such a volume that you will be able not to save every drop. Besides, do not use disposable bottles from supermarkets. Their plastic is toxic. Better buy a real McCoy sports bottle made of BPA-free plastic.

Your personal workout journal

A workout journal is a very good idea, especially if you’re a fitness beginner. Don’t rely on your memory. Literally tomorrow you will forget what weight was your barbell, which you pressed today, or how many times you pulled up. This means that there will be no consistency in your training and your progress will be slower than it could actually be. Despite the fact that I have been training for more than 7 years, I still keep a workout journal. I suggest you not be lazy and track your achievements. At least in the key basic exercises. And you will see how much more organized your workouts have become.

By the way, if you think that all this workout gear will be bulky and sports equipment will take up too much space, trust me, that is not so. All you need is just one backpack!

My workout backpack
My favorite backpack. It fits all of my workout gear