How to create a workout plan and line up your regime?

You should have a workout plan. No! You must have it. Why am I so categorical? Because planning is very important for your progress. Moreover, without a workout plan, it will be very difficult to keep motivated. Since you will be trying to have it all immediately. As a result, you will go around in a circle.

What is more, I beg you not to muddle up the workout plan and the training program. A workout plan isn’t just a set of exercises. This is a new way of your life, which includes training, nutrition, and recovery. And yes, you have to plan all your life if you want to achieve impressive results.

Now let’s take in, how to create a workout plan. What are its main elements?

I must say, everything that will be said below is just an example of my lifestyle planning. But these are the key points that will allow you to achieve your goals in body transformation and in strengthening your health much faster.

1. Decide, how much time you are ready to devote to sport

We are not professional athletes. We have a family, children, and job. Therefore, we cannot train twice a day like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and hang out in the gym for hours. But this is not necessary. The amount of workouts doesn’t matter so much, but the regularity is more principal. Train three times a week. But don’t deviate from this schedule. Train twice. But stick to it all the time. If you go to the gym 5 times one week and skip all the workouts the next, this is the worst thing you can do.

2. Take shape your targets and aim for them

The contour of your workouts depends on what you want to achieve. For example, you just need to lose weight, or you dream about big muscles. Or maybe you just want to be physically strong and functional. Having regard to these tasks, you should build your training program, choose exercises, their intensity, vary loads. Here’s why very important to determine your goals from inception. Otherwise, you will thread the wrong path and will be disappointed.

3. Review your diet and give up junk food

I was already writing about my body transformation and workout progress formula. I’ll remind you: your success is at least 30% dependent on how and what you eat. So, if you like to snack during the day or treat yourself to a bottle of beer and chips in the evening, I have bad news for you. You must throw to the winds all this shit. Otherwise, you will never see changes in the mirror, and your health will avenge wrongs on you over time for all these wretched habits. Eat clean, eat fewer carbs, and give up sugar. You will be surprised by how quickly your body changes.

If I didn’t have a workout plan and clear goals, I wouldn’t be able to gain even such results

4. Don’t forget about recovery and pay special attention to your sleep

I will never tire of reminding you that our muscles grow only when we rest. So recovery is just as important as training. But any rest will go down the drain without proper sleep. I mean at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Upon that, preferably that you fall asleep before midnight, and wake up near 8-9 in the morning. With this regimen, you will get the best effect on your muscles and health. I admit that I break this rule and go to bed late at night. But I still get at least 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, I would not be able to progress and build my body.

5. Workout plan is ready, it’s time to play rough!

You can plan for a very long time and do nothing more. I am not kidding. I have a good friend who has been going to train in a gym, eating right, quit alcohol, and smoking for a year now. He studies different courses, compiles training programs, talking on forums with experienced athletes. But that’s all he did. Although he just need to throw a sports uniform into a backpack, fill a bottle of water, and go to train. Yes, it can be difficult. Because you have to break the habitual way of life. But with a workout plan at hand, it will be much easier for you to move forward and achieve your cherished dream. Enough talk! Go and act!

To conclude, how to create a workout plan?

Here is topmost you should do. Devote your time to sport and train regularly, shape your major goals, reload your diet, give up alcohol and smoking, don’t eliminate recovery and proper sleep. Let all these bricks become the principles of your life, and you will build your body and longevity from them.

And do you have a workout plan? Tell me in the comments!