Your 5 bedrock steps to 6 pack abs

Every man, no matter how old he is, wants to have strong 6 pack abs. But only a few of us are ready to make efforts to achieve such a result and even more so keep our abs in shape on a routine basis.

Precisely because many people don’t want constantly work on their abs (and when I say «work», I don’t mean just only training), all sorts of ridiculous excuses come up. For example, that a real man should have a belly, or that nature has not endowed everyone with abdominal muscles in principle.

It’s a playgame! In fact, each of us can have beautiful abs. I made sure of it myself. Although three years ago I also came up with reasons why I don’t need 6 pack.

Moreover, I will say that the path to the abs of your dreams is not as difficult as it is sometimes portrayed. But only on condition that you will overcome this path right on through and will not violate simple but very important rules.

So how to get a 6 pack abs and what steps need to be taken to achieve this?

Step 1. Revise your diet and change your eating habits

The journey to your abs doesn’t start in the gym, it starts in your kitchen. Therefore, first of all, analyze what you eat. Forget about sugar, forget about your favorite candy bars, nix fast food. Otherwise, you will never see the cherished 6 pack. As for me, only after I switched to a low-carb diet I got rid of excess belly fat. So, before everything else change your eating habits. No other way.

Athlete body relief abs
I spent about two years to achieve a ribbed abs through proper nutrition

Step 2. Bit by bit add basic abs exercises to your workouts

You don’t need to take on the difficult early on, because your abs aren’t ready for serious loads. And if you start storming something like a bar l-sit from the first day, you will fail. Therefore, begin by mastering the simple basic, but very necessary exercises. Such as hanging leg raises or bicycle crunches. This will strengthen your abdominal muscles and prepare them for tough workouts.

Step 3. Complicate your abs training sessions and don’t forget about the variety

Don’t brood on two or three exercises. Firstly, it’s boring. Secondly, your muscles will quickly get used to monotonous loads. Therefore, explore new more complex exercises and modify them. In a word, experiment! In addition, when you will learn how to do cool spectacular things like a dragon flag or when you will be able to hold an l-sit for a minute, others will look at you enviously. And that will motivate you even more.

Step 4. Don’t eliminate your 6 pack workouts… ever!

You have to inure yourself to train the abs regularly, even every day. It won’t do any harm. Because the abdominal muscles overtraining is almost impossible. But if you do not pay due attention to them, they will quickly become weak. So set aside at least 10-15 minutes for your abs in every workout. For example, I have been doing a minimum 7-8 sets. This is a must for my 6 pack.

Step 5. Control your posture and keep your abdominal muscles toned

You may have strong trained abs. But if you stoop and do not follow the tone of the abdominal muscles, it will seem that you have a sagging stomach. That’s why, you need not only kill your abs in the gym, but also monitor your posture, and keep the abdominal wall in tone. The vacuum exercise helps a lot with this. It can be done both in the morning when you wake up, and in the evening, before bed. Over time, posture and tone will become your habitude. Thereat your 6 pack abs will open in all their glory.

My 6 pack abs
Today I’m not ashamed to say that my 6 pack is my pride!

Well, do you still have doubts about how to get a 6 pack abs?

It seems to me that you should not look for excuses, but you just need to take and act. Already today!