Top-5 ways of your muscle recovery

Beginner athletes often make one big mistake – they ignore muscle recovery. Of course, I understand them. Sport is a very addictive thing. And you’re ready to work your butt off every day around the clock. But don’t forget, that our body changes and muscles grow only when we rest. That’s why if you eliminate post-workout recovery, your progress will stop somewhere down the line, and you will face overtraining.

muscle recovery after tough training
Beginner athletes often make one big mistake – they train every day and ignore muscle recovery

Now let’s figure out what are the best ways of your muscle recovery

I will not claim that all of these tips for post workout recovery fit everyone. But they work, I saw it for myself. 

1. A day or two of maximum relaxation with no physical activity

It will help to get rid of muscle fever and give them a needful rest. I know some athletes who try to fight the issues of a tough workout with another hard workout. Apart from that, they kill their nervous system, such fanatical athletes will inevitably get an injury. It’s just a question of time.

2. Massage is also a good idea for muscle recovery

I visit a masseur once a week for 5 years. And I can assert that professional accomplished massage helps to eliminate the symptoms of overtraining and quickly remove muscle discomfort.

3. Hot shower or sauna

This is a well-known method of removing the effects of hard training and muscle recovery among athletes. In simple terms, heat improves blood circulation. Blood quickly washes away damaged particles from the muscles as a result of heavy loads. Therefore, recovery is going on faster and easier.

4. Cardio loads and other activity

Aerobic exercises basically should be part of training. In addition, running, swimming, rowing, and so on help to your post workout recovery. Cardio improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation and generally increases body persistence. Thanks to cardio, strength training is much easier to rub through. I can say it with 100% certainty. Because when I added cardio I began to progress faster.

Muscle recovery running
Оutdoor running is one of the best ways of muscle recovery!

5. Sleep, healthy eating, and more water to drink

I think it’s not worth saying that all these factors directly affect post-workout recovery. The regime is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for any athlete. That’s why without 7-8 hours of sleep, protein proficit (on average, 1,3-1,5 gram per kg of body weight per day is desirable), and increased fluids, training will not give the result. And your recovery of course will be longer and harder.

Thus, let’s sum it up: what do you need for your muscle recovery? 

Maximum relaxation time to time, changing the type of loads if you can’t live without training at all, and a healthy lifestyle maintaining. These are the best post workout recovery elements!